The Magic of Walt Disney World

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cinderella castleMany people wonder why and how I can go to Walt Disney World year after year. People ask me if I’m sick of going to the same place or they wonder if I get tired of doing the same thing over and over. My answer is always ABSOLUTELY NOT. Walt Disney World is not the same trip every time I go- it’s always a different experience!

I’ve gone to Walt Disney World as a toddler, as a child, as a teenager with a friend, as a wife, and most recently as a mom. I’ve gone with parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, in-laws and more. Every trip has been just as magical even though they have all been very different trips!

The first time I went to Walt Disney World, I was 2 years old. My mom and dad took me on a day trip while we were in New Smyrna Beach on a family reunion. I obviously don’t remember much about that trip, other than what I have seen in pictures. I know I was terrified of the characters and rides! I rode the Jungle Cruise on the bottom of the boat, I hid on the floor of the Hall of Presidents, and one picture stands out of Chip and Dale standing over my stroller with me crying my eyes out inside! As I grew older, the characters became my friends, and the rides even became fun! I remember each time when I would walk in to the Magic Kingdom and emerge from under the train station. There was Cinderella Castle, in all her splendor! To this day, seeing the Castle for the first time (and last time) of each trip brings tears to my eyes.

What’s so magical? To begin with, the atmosphere at Magic Kingdom is something that I can’t even describe. I enter the gates, hear the music and see Main Street U.S.A., and I am immediately happy. I feel like I am home! Disney magic surrounds you every place you go. As you walk down Main Street towards Cinderella Castle, you take in the buildings that are reflective of Walt’s childhood home of Marceline, Missouri. You see the detail (and maybe even a Hidden Mickey or two) in each of the buildings, and you begin to wonder if you have magically been transplanted into another time! At the end of the street, you come to the Partners Statue, where you see the brilliant man who started it all along with his ever-faithful partner, Mickey Mouse. Then you look up to see Cinderella’s Castle in all her beauty!

Next you move into one of the many themed lands at the Magic Kingdom: Adventureland, where you are taken into the jungle and into the middle of a pirate’s battle. Frontierland, where you can race down one of two mountains and go back to the days of the wild west. Liberty Square, where you are immersed in colonial life. Fantasyland, where kids of all ages can be taken into a world of make believe that’s so real. Toontown, where you can see how your favorite characters live. And Tomorrowland, where you are able to see Walt’s vision of the future.

Disney is the expert in making all things magic! You are immediately welcomed home when you enter a Walt Disney World Resort- and you truly are made to feel as if you are home. Then you have the music, the smells, the landscaping- all of it blends to make everything truly a magical experience.

No matter how old you are, you can see why Walt Disney World has the impact on people that it does. I have so many memories of all my visits to the World: riding on the floor of It’s a Small World because I was scared when I was 3, eating at Columbia Harbour House with my extended family when I was 10, running through Magic Kingdom with my best friend and our yellow Mickey ponchos when I was 15, seeing the Magic Kingdom with my husband for the 1st time, watching my then 3-year old daughter see Cinderella’s Castle for the very first time, being surrounded by my children, husband, parents and in-laws during the holidays, and watching Minnie Mouse feed my 2-year old son ice cream at Chef Mickey’s. These are by no means all of my memories, but they are a glimpse into why Walt Disney World is so magical to me.

My next trip to the World is in November, where I will celebrate my 34th (I can’t believe I posted that on-line) birthday at my very favorite place! I can’t wait to see the magic that will take place during this trip!

Make your own magic, and plan your next Walt Disney Trip!

Why is Walt Disney World magical to you?


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