New Plans for Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Revealed!

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The rumors have been there for a long time, but on September 12th, Disney announced at the D23 convention in Anaheim, that yes, indeed, Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is due for a major expansion! Many people wonder, “what does this mean”! Well, I’m here to tell you! Never I have been more excited to see expansion plans take place. Disney Imagineers have gone above and beyond on plans for making Fantasyland an amazing experience. No wonder this is the biggest ever expansion of the Magic Kingdom! The price tag for this expansion has not been disclosed, but I’m sure it is a high one!

The current Toon Town Fair at Magic Kingdom will be dismantled to make room for the expansion. Mickey and Minnie’s homes will be relocated to another part of Magic Kingdom, although where has not been disclosed.  The new Fantasyland will open in two stages, withNew FL 19the first stage opening in 2012 and the second stage (Pixie Hollow) opening in 2013.  The expansion breaks ground in early 2010 and builds on the popularity of Disney princesses and Fairies. The current west side of Fantasyland, which includes It’s a Small World and Peter Pan will remain the same and will not get a makeover. The expansion plans include many new princess elements which are incredibly interactive and immersive and should appeal to boys as much as girls! The new area will be filled with trees and landscaping and will be much more lush and shady than the current area.

New FL1So what exactly is coming? One of the biggest attractions will be a new underwater ride, The Little Mermaid. This ride will be taking over where the former 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea used to be, which means that Pooh’s Playful Spot may disappear, much to the chagrin of the author’s children who always loved a playground break in the middle of the day (although I suspect with the new changes, they won’t even notice it). 

The current Dumbo ride will be relocated and expanded to about double its current size. Disney will be adding aNEW FL9covered three-ring circus that will contain a waiting area with a play area and interactive games. There will be two Dumbo ride carousels. The new Dumbo area will encompass most of the existing Toontown area.

Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel will now all have their own “castles” (meet-and-greets) that will be elaborately NEW FL 4themed and interactive. Guests will be able to engage in dancing, storytelling, or a birthday party with their favorite Disney princesses and costumed characters from the films. The Beauty and the Beast castle will contain a meet-and-greet area, walk-through exhibit area, and will turn into a nighttime full-service restaurant. ThisNEW FL6 new 552-seat restaurant will add another option for table service dining at the Magic Kingdom, which has historically been on the weaker side. Gaston’s Tavern, a quick-service restaurant will also be opened.

NEW FL12Tinker Bell and her Fairy friends will also have a new place to frolic. Pixie Hollow is slated to open in 2013 and will expand on the Tinker Bell theme and take guests into their world. Not too many plans have been released on Pixie Hollow as the attraction is still in early development.

Magic Kingdom is the one park at Walt Disney World that is steeped in tradition for past guests. Disney has found a way to expand and change, while keeping the traditions alive! I, for one, am thrilled on what this expansion means for Magic Kingdom, and I am hoping to be one of the first in line to see it open! Stay tuned for more details on the expansion plans when they are released! Contact Magical Mousecapades for more information or to plan a magical trip to Walt Disney World!

The new Dumbo ride

The new Dumbo ride


Gaston's Tavern

Gaston's Tavern

New Ariel attraction

New Ariel attraction


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  1. Ohh my god the money Disney spends on new stuff is just short of amazing. Now I know why a hot dog and coke sell for $15.00 in the food court. yes, its beautiful it kind of like our goverment spending $500 on a hammer. LOL

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