The Magic Behind the Walt Disney World Moms Panel

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The Walt Disney World Moms Panel is becoming very well-known in and outside of the Disney community. The panel began a few years ago and since that time has answered many thousands of questions from people like you planning their Disney vacations. Many of them were planning their first ever trip, and others were planning their 15th and 20th trips. But as you may or may not know, there is a LOT to do at Walt Disney World. The Moms Panel is full of FANTASTIC people who are Walt Disney World experts. They have stayed there, played there, eaten there and more.

One of the very first members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel was Laura Spencer. Since then, she has gone on to work for Walt Disney World in Social Media for Disney Parks. She is part of the magic behind the current Moms Panel. I was lucky enough to have Laura answer some questions for me!

1.  Your job is fascinating to all Disney fans. Tell us what exactly you are responsible for on a daily basis.  Social Media for Disney Parks

 2.  You were on the 1st Walt Disney World Moms Panel. What made you decide to apply? My love for all things Disney and I knew NOBODY knew as much about Walt Disney World as I did LOL! I am also a mom of color and I didn’t see a lot of Disneyphiles out there like me in the blogosphere and fan sites and I wanted to connect with more!

 3.  What was the best experience while on the Moms Panel? I had already been helping people plan their trips to Walt Disney World before the panel came into existence for years, so doing it on a large scale for even more people was really great! 

4.  How did being on the Moms Panel bring you to work for Disney?  I have almost 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and public relations in many industries, so my resume and experience was solid. It was a natural transition to doing what I know to doing what I love.

 5.  What is the best thing about working for Disney? Working for Disney.

 6.  What was one unexpected thing you found while working for Disney?   That it is still magical, even for Cast Members. 

7.  What is your favorite WDW theme park and why?  Magic Kingdom. There is a castle. I’m a princess. Nuff said.

 8.  What is your favorite WDW resort and why?  Disney’s Old Key West Resort. It was my family’s home-away-from-home and my dear grandmother’s favorite resort. She is since passed on, so visiting there brings back many happy memories. 

9.  What is your favorite WDW restaurant and why? It changes from month to month, but right now it’s Jiko since I became a vegan. 

10. What is your favorite WDW attraction and why?  it’s a small world. It is the classic that my family always makes time for.

11. Does your family share your love of Disney?   Of course.

 12. How does Disney influence you as a mom?  It doesn’t. I think being a mom is truly the best job in the world and I love it! That would be true with or without Mickey.  However in my opinion the Walt Disney Company does offer families the best quality when it comes down to family-friendly entertainment, products and movies. Most moms want the best for their families, so yeah, my house is full to the brim with Disney stuff!

 13. What is your favorite Disney movie?  I love “Lady and the Tramp” because the lullaby sung by Darling to the new baby has the word “Lu” in it. Lou is my nickname used by only my closest of friends. The song also has the world “pink” in it and anybody who knows me knows, that I always wear pink somewhere, everyday. I still sing that song to my daughter every night before she falls asleep. 

14. If you could tell us one thing about what makes Disney special, what would it be?  Cast members truly want to make everyone’s visit magical.



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  1. This is such a wonderful post, Lea! I absolutely LOVE it! I remember asking Laura questions when the Mom’s Panel first started years ago because she was so fun & pixie-dusted with her answers. I really enjoyed reading this! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. What a terrific piece about a terrific lady! I am excited to hear Laura still finds magic!

  3. What a fabulous interview with Laura. She truly is a magical person and I hope to meet her again one day soon.

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