New Service Brings Disney Merchandise Home to You!

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Do you love Disney? Do you love Vinylmation? Do you find yourself wanting to bring Disney merchandise home when you’re not even in the parks? Well, then this new service is just for you! One of my great friends, John Saccheri, saw the need and started GET MY MAGIC (

John, a fellow Disney Vinylmation lover, saw people were willing to pay well beyond the retail value of the new Vinyls being released. With the recent release of the Dreamfinder/Figment vinyl set, he saw people on Ebay selling the item (which retails for $74.95) for $300 for presale.  He knew that by living so close to the World, he could help! And so Get My Magic began!

While Vinylmations are the bulk of what John feels he’ll be obtaining for people, that’s not all he’ll be helping with! For a small fee, John will go and get the item and send it straight to your home!

So how does it work? Simply, go to and go to the Order My Magic Now tab on the left-hand side. Submit the form, making sure that you answer the questions to the best of your ability (what the item is, where you saw it, how much, etc). You will then receive a quote from Paypal, with the fee added in along with Payment Instructions. The fee will range anywhere from $25-50, depending on the complexity of finding the item (also factored in is possibility of having to wait in line, limited availability, other orders in the area, etc). Then your package arrives via UPS or USPS with delivery confirmation.

What happens if John can’t get the item? Well, simple! He’ll refund you the money! He can make no guarantee that the item will be available, but should that happen, no problem!

Go check it out! And bring the magic home!

Also, if you are part of the NDP Community (, simply enter your NDP# in the Coupon Code section and get a 10% discount on the fee!


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